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3/31/15  Kindergarten Math Sentence Frames for Bridges have been translated into Spanish by Portland Public Schools!

10/22/14  Natalia Gunther creates subtraction frames for Gr 1 Unit 2 WP 2F and 2G with strategies visuals!  Thank you again for your contributions Natalia.

10/4/14 Natalia Gunther and Karen Jones from Woodmere have created supplemental work place frames for GR 1 Unit 2.  A big thank you.


Visual Directions and Sentence Frames in Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Somali and Japanese will be completed by Winter 2014.  The project has been highlighted in the Oregon Department of Education Newsletter as well as the Publisher of Bridges in Mathematics:  The Math Learning Center.



A big shout out to Lisa Van Clock at Grout K-8 School.  She graciously shared all of her 3rd grade Bridges objectives.  (Roaring applause from crowd here)


Gr K Supplemental Work Place Set A4 Activity 5 Frog Pond

Keri Davis, Kindergarten teacher at Llewellyn helped create these frames for the CCSS supplemental activity.  Thanks Keri.


Gr K Vol 2 Polydrons Can You Build It? Work Place Frames

Mark Gast, the ESL teacher at James John Elementary in North Portland has shared his sentence frames for Kindergartners. Thanks Mark.


Yuliya Zakharchenko has developed measurement sentence frames for her 3rd graders at Kelly elementary school.  Thanks Yuliya.


Gr 5 Unit 6 Session 17 Work Places 6B & 6C

Maggie Byrikt has again shared her work with you.  Thank you Maggie. 


Confederation of Oregon Administrators 2013 English Language Learners Alliance Conference.

Wow.  What a great experience.  Its is now very clear to me that there is a nation-wide need for the type of work we have developed on scaffolding academic language.  I learned a lot and I hope those who attended my session learned how this work aligns with the bigger picture of supporting the success of English Language Learners with the common core state standards.   


Personal Addition and Subtraction Fact Strategy Posters

Alison Hildebrant from Forest Park has modified  Bridges Posters so that students have their personal strategy references.

Strategies Personal Poster--Addition.pdf

Strategies Personal Poster--Subtraction.pdf


Gr4 Unit 6 Session 11 Decimal More or Less Game

Linda White cranks out another frame for fourth grade.  Thanks for all of your hard work Linda!


Gr5 Unit 4 Session 2 - 10

Erin Dec from Woodmere has shared her sentence frames for 5th grade Unit 4.  Thanks Erin.


Gr2 Math Samples

Karen McEwan has shared her ‘Math Samples’ Sheet.

She suggests using this document as a way for students to cut up and match expressions from the three different samples.

The expressions are in order: Number Sentence, Number Bond, Picture showing parts and the whole, Story with language --- offer a word bank for each operation, Numberline


Gr4 Unit 3 Supplemental A6 Simplify and Compare Game

Linda White from Woodmere shares her great work once again.  Thanks Linda.



Gr2 Unit 3 Work Places 4 SPANISH

Adriana Moyola from Rigler has shared her Spanish sentence frames with the Bridges community.  Gracias Adriana.


Gr 5 Unit 4

Maggie Byrkit has created sentence frames for 5th grade Unit 4 Session 8.  Thanks Maggie!!!!!


Gr 3 Unit 2

Anna Sapienza from MLC has shared her objectives and sentence frames for Gr 3 Unit 2 Session 25.  Thanks Honey :)


Gr 3 Unit 7

Pamela Kennedy from Lewis has shared her sentence frames for Gr 3 Unit 7 Session 18 on averaging.  She has been instrumental in this work on many levels.  Thank you Pamela.


Gr 2 Unit 3

Connie Ford from Rigler has shared sentence frames for Gr 2 Unit 3 Session 3 ‘Roll and Add’.  Nice visuals Connie!


Gr 4 Unit 2

Connie Ford has also created sentence frames for Gr 4 Unit 2 Work Place 2A Moolah on My Mind. 


Gr 5 Unit 3

The 5th grade team at Woodmere has shared their sentence frames for Unit 3.   Thanks for all your hard work. 


Gr K Work Places

The Kindergarten team at Woodmere has shared their additions to the Kindergarten Work Place sentence frames.


Gr 4 Unit 3

Linda White from Woodmere Elementary has outdone herself and done 4th grade Unit 3 Sessions 1 through 19 sentence frames.  Wow.  Thanks Linda.


Gr 1 Unit 3 Work Places

Lily Watkins has translated 1st Grade, Unit 3 Work Places 3A, 3B and 3C into Spanish.  Thanks again Lily.

-11/5/12 The publisher of Bridges has shared our work with the larger Math Learning Center Community. Here is the link. 

-11/5/12 - Yuliya Zakharchenko from Kelly elementary has translated the Communication Board into Russian.  A big thank you.  спасибо

-10/30/12 - Lillian Ngai has translated the Communication Board into Chinese.  Thank you so much Lillian.

-10/23/12 -

Gr 4 and 5

Bridlemile’s 4th and 5th grade team rallied after a long day of work and put these great resources of sentence frames together.  Thank you Tim, Vickie, Allen, Jill, David and Susan!

-10/22/12 -

Gr 1 Unit 4 Penguins

Amy Collinge from Rigler’s Spanish immersion program has shared the wonderful sheltered work that she has been doing  with Bridges since 2011.  There are 1st grade work places sentence frames and penguin games in Spanish.  Thank you Amy !

10/22/12 -

Gr 2 Unit 1 Work Places 3

Yomaira Lampi from Lent K-8 has also translated sentence frames for her PPS colleagues and shared.  A big thanks to Yomaira ! These are Grade 2 Unit 1 Work Places 3. 

10/22/12 -

Gr 1 Units 1 & 2

I posted some simplified directions for 1st grade units 1 and 2.

-10/19/12 - A Communication Board in English/Spanish has now been posted.  Thank you Tonya !

10/18/12 -

Gr 1 Unit 2 Work Places 2

Lily Watkins from Lent K-8 has generously shared her Spanish translated Grade 1 Unit 2 Work Places 2 sentence frames.  Thank you Lily!

-Gr K

Many Kindergarten objectives and sentence frames for sessions other than work places are in the process of being uploaded.

-Gr 2 Unit 3 & 4

Spanish frames have been added to 2nd grade Sessions Objectives and sentence frames Unit 3 and 4 pages. 

-There is a new page called Newcomers that has lots of visual and audio supports for your recently-arrived English Language Learners. 

-Under the Newcomer page, there is a document with sentence frames for basic math language that has recently been uploaded.

-A video has been added of 2nd graders from Marysville K-8 using sentence frames during a work place.

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