communication boards

Chinese & English
(Thank You Lillian)NC_communication_boards_files/Newcomer%20School%20Vocabulary%20Chinese%20lillian%27s%20version%20%281%29.pdf
Swahili & English
(Thank You Google Translate)NC_communication_boards_files/Newcomer%20School%20Vocabulary%20SWAHILI.pdf

These can be used by teachers when attempting to communicate simple ideas to your newly-arrived student.  They have also been useful in the office.  

Disclaimer:  Some of these documents were translated using Google Translate.  They may not be completely accurate, but it’s a start...
Spanish & English 
(Thank You Tonya)NC_communication_boards_files/Spanish%20communication%20board.pdf
Russian & English
(Thank You Yuliya)NC_communication_boards_files/Communication%20Board%20Russian.pdf